Why Should I Own a Safe?

In todays unpredictable world of crime and environmental disasters, owning a safe to protect your valuables is a practical thing to consider. If you have been thinking about renting a lockbox or safety desposit box in a bank to keep sensitive documents and valuables, consider the alternative of having a security safe in your home or business. You'll save money and have the convenience of not having to travel to another location to store and retrieve items.


Safes that are burglar proof come in different classes. When considering a certain style or brand of safe, consider a top rated safe with solid metal and heavy doors that are designed to resist the effects of drilling, picking and pressure tools. The weight of a safe is also important to consider. A safe that weighs over 100 pounds is less likely to be carried out of your home or business by criminals.


In recent years, fires have increased in intensity and some have been devastating to communities in the U.S.. If you have sensitive documents that are important to you, protecting them from fire should be a top priority. Owning a fireproof safe is something that everyone should at least consider and especially if you are not close to a fire department or reside in an area that experience seasonal fires due to dry conditions.

Gun Safety

If you keep up with current events, you are probably aware of safety issues related to guns and what can happen if a gun falls into the wrong hands. Guns are so potentially dangerous that they can hurt or even kill someone you know including your children and their friends.

Being safe can keep children, teens, and other adults from getting hurt. Many times, guns are fired by accident simply because the gun was easily accessible. Some will say that the best way to prevent gun-related accidents is to remove guns from your home. Arguably, this is unrealistic because of our constitutional right to own a gun and also the mere fact that there are so many gun enthusiasts in the U.S.

Final Considerations

Safes come in many different sizes, models and levels of protection. Some safes may serve well to double in fire and theft protection. First, consider the size of the safe you need and what things you are likely to store inside. Basic functional needs may involve just enough space to accommodate a stack of important documents and a few items of jewelry. If you need to store larger items, you might consider a cabinet type of safe.

Consider purchasing your own safe for the following:

Intellectual Ideas
Valuable and Rare Photos
Historic Documents
Birth Certificates
Social Security Cards
Court Documents
Medical Records
Important Client Agreements/Contracts
Bank Statements
Savings Bonds/Checks/Money Orders

Valuable items:
Precious Metals
Collectible Coins
Fire Arms
Small Antiques

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